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The OM Symbol

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Funny, all the definitions I’ve heard of OM, I never knew what the symbol itself represented, until today.  Lissa Coffey’s “What’s Your Dosha?” offered this description,

“The mantra OM is significant in Vedic culture in many ways.  It is the most sacred symbol there is, representing the Universal, the All, the One.  The sound OM, or Aum, contains all of the vowel sounds.  Om is pronounced as if it rhymes with “home.”  In Sanskrit, OM is written with 3 strokes, one semi-circle and a dot.  The 3 curved strokes represent the waking state, the sleeping state and the dreaming state.  The dot represents the Absolute, or the Truth, which illuminates the other three states.  The semi-circle separates the dot from the other three curves, it represents Maya, or illusion.  It is illusion that keeps us from seeing the Truth.  The semi-circle is open on the top, illustrating that the Truth is not affected by illusion.”

Well, I know that I am still looking for the Truth.  Illusion sometimes blocks my way.  Yet, it is all a part of the journey, of the awakening, and I’m grateful to be witness to it in myself.

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Music – good for the whole body

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Today’s “Daily Dream Builder” from Mary Manin Morrisey read,

“Have you ever thought about how every single piece of music is vibration? That’s what sound is.  Have you also thought about how your own body resonates with music? It re-sounds. There is a vibration that happens in us that is our own very aliveness responding to music.  Today, let’s pick at least one piece of music that feels good to us and listen to it. Our body really can read that sound and it actually affects us at a cellular level. It increases our immune system and we become different in the presence of really great music.  Just listen to some good music and notice how your vibration, your energy, is different.”

So, today, whether you are hanging out, working out, meditating, cooking, sewing, driving, showering, whatever, do it with some music in the background and take notice to how it invites positive vibrations into your being.  Effective physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Remember, too, that you can create your own sound through chanting, which is also proven to increase the vibration within our cells, strengthen our immune system and balance our energies.

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