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Connecting with Another on the Mat

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Yesterday was a great day.  I was given the opportunity to teach something new, a Partner Yoga class, and it was fun and creative and a pure pleasure to share.  I had never taken a partner yoga class before, and I had only explored a few poses in various classes and yoga teacher training.  One of my students, who is training to become a teacher herself, had approached me about practicing some partner poses with her.   From there, the idea was born.

In conversation, I had mentioned to Nancy Curran, owner of Yoga on the Beach, what we were practicing.  She needed a teacher for the themed first Sunday of the month yoga brunch class, and I was given the opportunity to, with Bonnie, create a partner yoga class to share with others.

We explored compassion together in twists, such as Half Lord of the Fishes.  In a blustery wind, we learned to trust one another, in the balancing poses Eagle and Tree.  We found strength in one another in Warrior poses, and we came to surrender in Child’s pose.  All in connection to another.  It was a really beautiful, heart-opening experience.  


I am grateful to all who joined us, and to Yoga on the Beach for the opportunity.







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Key West Yoga Pass

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

It is very exciting to introduce the Key West Yoga Pass as we enter a new year.  This is a unique opportunity to practice yoga and attend fitness and dance classes at 9 different locations in Key West and the Lower Florida Keys, all on one class card.  What a great way to experience the variety of yoga and teachers we have here in our island community.

$75 gets you 5 classes to use at any of these locations:

Ashley Kamen Yoga

Coffee Mill Dance Studio

Key West Yoga Sanctuary

ommPeace Yoga & Massage Therapy

Paddleboard Yoga Key West

Phoenix Rising Yoga Key West

Stay Fit Studio

Yoga Key West

Yoga on the Beach

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat in this new year.  May it be a happy, healthy, and joy filled year for you.




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Paddleboard Yoga

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

My favorite new yoga practice is Paddleboard Yoga, and it seems that this trend is catching on.  So much so, actually, that Yoga Journal recently posted a short article on how it is taking off from coast-to-coast.  Paddleboard Yoga focuses largely on balance and core strength, things we also practice on land, but are a big factor to not ending up in the water when on a Paddleboard.  I practice with the Key West group out of Hurricane Hole Marina and Lazy Dog Charters.  You can find out more about them at www.KeyWestPaddleboardYoga.com.

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Music – good for the whole body

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Today’s “Daily Dream Builder” from Mary Manin Morrisey read,

“Have you ever thought about how every single piece of music is vibration? That’s what sound is.  Have you also thought about how your own body resonates with music? It re-sounds. There is a vibration that happens in us that is our own very aliveness responding to music.  Today, let’s pick at least one piece of music that feels good to us and listen to it. Our body really can read that sound and it actually affects us at a cellular level. It increases our immune system and we become different in the presence of really great music.  Just listen to some good music and notice how your vibration, your energy, is different.”

So, today, whether you are hanging out, working out, meditating, cooking, sewing, driving, showering, whatever, do it with some music in the background and take notice to how it invites positive vibrations into your being.  Effective physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Remember, too, that you can create your own sound through chanting, which is also proven to increase the vibration within our cells, strengthen our immune system and balance our energies.

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