About Gail Marshall and ommPeace

Gail Marshall

Yoga and massage have been passions of mine for years.  I took my first yoga class in 1992 and was immediately hooked and have since dabbled in every style of yoga I could get my hands on, hanging on to those I really love (Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga, with a bit of Yin).  This has allowed me to develop a style of teaching unique to individual students needs, and a practice unique to my own.  I received my teacher certification in 2008. 

I became hooked on massage back in 1999, when I was working a stressful job and received massage on a regular basis.  These were offered by my friend who five years later became my mentor.  As major life changes were happening, I was given the opportunity to train as an apprentice, and have been licensed in the State of Florida since 2005. My massage is integrative, combining deep tissue, myofascial and Swedish, while also incorporating acupressure and assisted stretching techniques.  I am also certified in Traditional Thai Massage and am a certified Reiki Master. 

I believe that yoga and massage are important parts of living a holistic lifestyle. Others passions include the great outdoors, traveling the world, learning about others, spending time with family and friends, cooking and dining, music, and living with intention.

Why the name ommPeace?

Many people are familiar with OM, the sound we often chant in meditation, or at the opening or closing of a yoga session. While there are many definitions of the word, I most often think of it as that which connects the three parts of the Self – body, mind and spirit, and then goes beyond that to connect us with all that is in the Universe and with the Divine. By connecting in this way, one fosters Peace in their own lives and in the lives they touch.

When chanting, it is a vibration we are creating, a vibration that emanates from our spirit, throughout our bodies, and out to all others. There is a chant of “OM Shanti, OM Peace,” that I like to end my yoga sessions with, and from here came the name, the vibratory omm and Peace.

Gail has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in
the Florida Keys since 2005.  Her specialty is
in deep tissue and myofascial massage.
Gail is a Certified Yoga Instructor, teaching
in the Keys since 2008.  Her yogic path has
led her to practice Thai massage.  Gail
believes that massage and yoga assist in
bringing balance to one’s body, mind, and
spirit, and are an important part of living a
holistic lifestyle.