New Photo Albums

These have just been uploaded:

London (2 visits, one when I arrived in Europe and the other just before leaving for India)

Paris, where I celebrated my 40th birthday

Antwerp, Belgium, famous for diamonds and seafood

Amsterdam, I love this beautiful city, its canals, and its artsy  funkiness

Linhemm/Copenhagen, visit with my lifelong friend and her family, Michelle, Morton and Luna

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, a beach town



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3 Responses to “New Photo Albums”

  1. MOM MARSHALL says:

    loved your pics with the boys in wimbledon, and all the wonderful sites. luv your love affair with the perfect shot, food and drink. see you soon. i will call dori as soon as i can but you can call the hotel and ask for the gate 1 tour. we will connect. i will let you know the time we should be in sydney. luv, mom

  2. Yogini Jen says:

    So amazing to arrive to the European cities in Spring with the flowers and trees just going into full bloom. Must have been a delightful way to start the adventure~a sense of rebirth, newness, and fresh path. Great seeing some of the European cities I’ve been to looking just the same ;*) Loved the pics of Copenhagen..from the cute, colorful homes, gorgeous architecture, and refreshing water to the delish pickled foods, it’s now on my travel list! xoxo

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